Museum Island Open Spaces
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Pergamonmuseum Spree Side

New Views across the Spree

A new square will be created on the eastern side of the Pergamonmuseum facing the Spree. Like all areas surrounding the Pergamonmuseum, it will be designed as a public space for the first time. Visitors will be able to reach the square, which is to be planted with sycamores, from the Colonnade Courtyard. It will be an ideal place for visitors to have a rest and enjoy the wonderful view of the James-Simon-Park located on the opposite side of the river. Due to this new space and the passages under the side wings leading to the Court of Honor, the Pergamonmuseum will be integrated more strongly into the context of the island than before. Additionally, there will be a summertime café on the Spree-side square behind the Pergamonmuseum.

© SPK / ART+COM, 2015

Enjoying the Museum Island under Sycamores

The square east of the Pergamonmuseum will invite people to stay for a while. It will be a place to rest for visitors strolling from the Alte Nationalgalerie along the colonnades. Sitting on stone platforms in the shade of tall sycamores, they can let their eyes wander across the water to the James-Simon-Park opposite. If visitors move on north across the square, they will reach the two alleys along the railroad viaduct, and eventually the two viewing balconies called the Small Curiosities at the end of the alleys.

A Square with Special Qualities

A bird’s-eye view reveals the size of the as yet inaccessible space behind the Pergamonmuseum. In the future, that new open space will welcome visitors strolling along the colonnaded hallway to the Alte Nationalgalerie and Neues Museum. Tall sycamores and many seating accommodations will invite them to stay for a rest. Visitors crossing the square will reach the new alley walkway along the railroad viaduct.